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VSphere Design Pocketbook v1

vSphere Design Pocketbook 1.0

By Frank DennemanDuncan Epping, Cormac Hogan, Jason Nash, Vaughn Stewart and many others…

Publication Date: August 13, 2012

Description: The brain child of Frank Denneman, tweet-length design considerations for VMware vSphere crowdsourced by technical industry leaders. A unique book, both in terms of format and content developed and voted on by the global VMware community. Version 1.0 is being distributed by PernixData and will be available at VMworld 2013.


Virtualization Changes Everything: Storage Strategies for VMware vSphere & Cloud Computing

By Vaughn Stewart & Michael Slisinger, edited by Vytautas Malesh

Foreword by Duncan Epping and Introduction by Dr Stephen Herrod

Publication Date: August 13, 2012

Description: Storage is a foundational component in the support of virtualization and cloud computing – and it is dynamically evolving. It is an aspect of the datacenter that is all-too-often overlooked, but without storage, there is no data, and without data, there is no cloud. Virtualization Changes Everything examines the evolutionary influence of host virtualization and cloud computing in breaking storage deployment out of outdated silo models and into a dynamic, flexible hosting environment. Virtualization Changes Everything reviews common goals and challenges associated with providing storage service with cloud computing, and addresses each through the application of advanced storage technologies designed to scale in order to support the ever-expanding storage needs of the future. The examples within the book are pulled from real-world experience, and often involve the integration of multiple innovative technologies. If you are looking for measured guidance on high availability, efficiency, integration and performance for the storage in your cloud, then this book is for you!


Storage Implementation in vSphere 5.0
By Mostafa Khalil for VMware Press
Technical Editor Vaughn Stewart

Publication Date: September 3, 2012

Description: The Only authoritative, comprehensive guide to vSphere storage implmentation and management. Effective VMware virtualization storage planning and management has become crucial–but it can be extremely complex. Now, the leading VMware expert on storage completely demystifies the “black box” of vSphere storage and provides illustrated, step-by-step procedures for performing every key task associated with it. You’ll gain the deep understanding you need to make better storage decisions, solve problems, and keep problems from occurring in the first place.


Administering VMware Site Recovery Manager 5.0
By Michael Gordon Laverick for VMware Press
Chapter on NetApp by Vaughn Stewart

Publication Date: December 28, 2011

Description: The Complete, Hands-On Guide to Installing and Configuring VMware Site Recovery Manager 5.0. Administering VMware Site Recovery Manager 5.0 is the complete, technical, hands-on guide to VMware Site Recovery Manager (SRM) 5.0 installation and configuration for experienced VMware professionals.


NetApp and VMware vSphere: Storage Best Practices
By Vaughn StewartMichael Slisinger and Larry Touchette

Publication Date: August 12, 2010

Description: Ensure your VMware vSphere on NetApp deployment delivers the highest performance, functionality, and storage efficiencies. This book will cover all basis including ESX/ESXi storage connectivity with FC, iSCSI, FCoE, and NFS; and array configurations including data deduplication and optimal datastore/Virtual Machines layouts. This edition (2.1) highlights new capabilities and technical integration available to storage VI admins through the NetApp vCenter plug-ins and vStorage APIs for Array Integration (VAAI).


Administering VMware Site Recovery Manager 4.0
By Michael Gordon Laverick
Chapter on NetApp by Vaughn Stewart

Publication Date: 2010

Description: Administering VMware Site Recovery Manager