One Day Left to Vote on VMworld 2010 Sessions


    Just a quick reminder that you have a say in the sessions you’ll be able to attend at VMworld 2010. There’ one day remaining for you to cast your vote. If you have a account you’re all set, and if you don’t you can simply register.

    As a means of simplifying the process to obtain the type of information an attendee may want to VMworld will allow attendees to select tracks

    We have many submissions posted by the NetApp Virtual Solutions Engineering Team (my team), various NetApp business units, and numerous partners and customers. Frankly I find the partner and customer sessions some of the most compelling as they will let you know EXACTLY how well our solutions work and where they need further development.

    With that said here’s a list of sessions from NetApp, our partners and customers. In each category I have listed the partners and customer sessions ahead of the NetApp sessions.

    Hybrid and Public Cloud

    The Secure Multi-Tenant Architecture: Enable secure sharing of IT resources in the cloud
    Session ID: PC8642, Justin Chung, Cisco

    Parting the Clouds – Evaluating Clouds and Cloud Providers for the Enterprise
    Session ID: PC8629, Randy Rowland, Terremark Worldwide

    Successful Management in a Public Cloud Computing Environment
    Session ID: PC8632, Randy Rowland, Terremark Worldwide

    Intuit Extends Their Capabilities Using Cloud Based Infrastructure
    Session ID: PC8676, Jerome Labat, Intuit

    Diversify and Integrate: Keys to Successful Cloud Adoption
    Session ID: PC8235, John Engates, Rackspace

    Private Cloud – Management

    CDP for device discovery and monitoring in virtualized environments
    Session ID: MA8600, Bill Erdman, Cisco

    Lessons Learned From a Large Scale Private Cloud Deployment for Automating Datacenter Operations
    Session ID: MA7779, Robert De May, Project Performance Corp

    ExamWorks Takes the Pulse on Game-Changing Dynamic Data Center Technology
    Session ID: MA8413, Brian Denton, ExamWorks

    How NetApp Achieved 40% Infrastructure Savings by Deploying an Internal Cloud
    Session ID: MA8593, Cesar Orosco, NetApp

    Application Workload Mobility: Extending VMotion Between Data Centers
    Session ID: MA8597, Joel McKelvey, NetApp

    Dynamic Dynamic Data Center Case Study: Joint Collaboration between Cisco, NetApp and VMware Helps customer Significantly Cut Costs and Enables the Cloud
    Session ID: MA8451, Nancy Erikson, NetApp

    Private Cloud – Business Continuity

    Terremark Builds Rock-Solid Security in a Multi-Tenant Environment
    Session ID: BC8671, Michael Fink, Terremark Worldwide

    A Journey to the Cloud in the Health Care System
    Session ID: BC8438, Jose Figueroa, Adventist Health

    Enhanced Business Continuity With Application Mobility Across Data Centers and VMware SRM
    Session ID: BC8657, Ravindra Neelakant, VMware

    Continuous Availability for the Internal Cloud
    Session ID: BC8522, Sitakanta Chaudhury, NetApp

    Enterprise Applications

    Disaster Recovery of Microsoft Exchange, SQL Server, and Sharepoint Server
    Session ID: EA8547, Eric Forgette, NetApp

    Performance validation of running virtualized Exchange, SQL, and Oracle on traditional and deduplicated storage
    Session ID: EA8590, Vaughn Stewart, NetApp

    Storage and backup architecture best practices for MS Exchange, SQL Server, SharePoint on VMware vSphere
    Session ID: EA8687, Abhinav Joshi, NetApp

    Running our Exchange 2007 on VMware ñ doing more with less
    Session ID: EA8214, Richard Barlow, NetApp

    Improve Storage Efficiency on deploying Oracle databases for Dev/test in a Virtualized environment
    Session ID: EA8428, Bikash Roy Choudhury, NetApp

    Rapid Implementation and Deployment of Oracle Database for vSphere-based Dev/Test Environments
    Session ID: EA8427, Bikash Roy Choudhury, NetApp

    Private Cloud – Security

    Advanced Digital Forensics: Finding Malevolence in the Cloud Before it Bursts
    Session ID: SE8630, Randy Rowland, Terremark Worldwide

    Desktop Virtualization

    Spectacular failures — the top reasons why desktop virtualization projects wind up in the recycle bin
    Session ID: DV7906, Ken Cline, Quest

    Make informed decisions — A deep dive into the costs and benefits of desktop virtualization
    Session ID: DV7908, Ken Cline, Quest

    Server-hosted Virtual Desktops: What the Vendors Aren’t Telling You
    Session ID: DV8044, Simon Bramfitt, Burton Group

    Journey through a 3000 seat VMware View (VDI) Deployment Ensuring Business Continuance during Snowmageddon 2010
    Session ID: DV7778, Robert De May, Project Performance Corp.

    The Benefits of VDI and Implementation Strategies for Education
    Session ID: DV7959, William East, Virginia Western Community College

    Tips and Techniques for Sizing VMware View Deployments
    Session ID: DV8526, Chris Gebhardt, NetApp

    Deploying Citrix XenDesktop on VMware vSphere: Best Practices
    Session ID: DV8436, Rachel Zhu, NetApp

    Technology and Architecture

    Thin provisioning on top of Thin Provisioning
    Session ID: TA7601, Christopher Everett, VMware

    Storage Protocols for Virtualization: Comparing FCP, iSCSI, and NFS for vSphere
    Session ID: TA8447, Trey Layton, NetApp

    Secure Storage Multi-Tenancy for Virtualized Data Centers
    Session ID: TA8618, Scott Gelb, Insight Integrated Systems

    How NetApp Storage Works With VMware Storage I/O Control
    Session ID: TA8592, Saad Jafri, NetApp

    Unified fabric and FCoE in virtualized data centers
    Session ID: TA8594, Scott Gainey, Cisco

    Practical Application of NFS, CIFS and FC with VMware vSphere and View Infrastructure
    Session ID: TA8135, Tim Stockton, Virginia Western Community College

    NetApp and VMware – the key to infrastructure efficiency
    Session ID: TA8674, Yousuf Khan, EF Education First

    Storage Interoperability for Virtualized Environments ñ Tools and Techniques
    Session ID: TA8435, Jyh-shing Chen, NetApp

    Simplifying the storage administration responsibilities of VI Administrators thru vCenter integration
    Session ID: TA8523, Vaughn Stewart, NetApp

    Designing a storage efficient vSphere environment
    Session ID: TA8525, Chris Gebhardt, NetApp

    VMWare vSphere, Cisco Unified Computing System (UCS) and NetApp. A winning combination for any virtual infrastructure
    Session ID: TA8146, Richard Barlow, NetApp

    Integrated Storage Management with vCenter Plug-ins
    Session ID: TA8443, Amrita Das, NetApp

    Building a Unified Virtual Architecture with NetApp and Cisco
    Session ID: TA8448, Jack McLeod, NetApp

    Understanding and Achieving Disk Utilization in a Capacity Efficient Environment
    Session ID: TA8470, Keith Aasen, NetApp

    n 101

    Electric Company Powers up the Storage Grid – How Tucson Electric saves money, energy and time by creating a virtual environment with VMware
    Session ID: V18667, Chris Rima, Tucson Electric Power

    Mosaic Community Services Delivers Critical Medical Care Reliably with Server and Storage Technology
    Session ID: V18663, Matthew C. Peeling, Mosaic Community Services

    Virtualization 101: The College of Saint Rose Teaches You To Streamline and Green Your Virtual IT Environment with VMware and Storage Efficient Solutions
    Session ID: V18670, lekseiv J. Pavlinik, The College of Saint Rose

    Less is More: Optimizing VMware ROI by Minimizing Storage and Data Protection Impact
    Session ID: V18159, Peter Eicher, Syncsort and Douglas Hammer, NetApp

    Windows Consolidation for Midsized Enterprises: Simpler than You Imagined
    Session ID: V18446, Sachin Chheda, NetApp

    Whew, that’s a lot of sessions! Thanks for the votes, and I’m sure I speak for everyone at NetApp when I say we can’t wait to see you at VMworld 2010!

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