NetApp Expands our Virtualization & Cloud Computing Expertise


I think we all know what it means to be “On a Roll”. This is a state when an individual or organization experiences a series of sucess. NetApp has obviously been ‘On a Roll’ of late. I believe that being widely recognized as a leader of innovation and as great place to work globally, along with being the fastest growing vendor in the storage industry that I can safely make such an assessment.


I also firmly believe the my business unit, cloud computing and virtualization solutions, is helping NetApp to execute in today’s market and is working to ensure we are in an advantageous position to carry this success forward into the future. To that I end I want to share with you a number of updates around the virtualization and cloud computing experts on my team who are playing a key role in supporting these efforts.


Scott Baker’s blog, VMMaverick is live!

Scott is the Sr. Manager for the Virtualization Business Unit at NetApp. Virtualization is his passion, both professionally and personally. The purpose of his blog is to research the business and technical aspects of virtualization and identify the economic value and impact the features have on the market as a whole.


Nick Howell’s blog, Datacenter Dude is live!

Nick has been an outspoken advocate of “virtualizing everything,” and doing so on NetApp storage arrays.  He is currently a Virtualization Solutions Architect for NetApp, helping customers design and learn how to deploy advanced virtualization solutions. Nick constantly writes from the heart.  His passion comes through in both his writing as well as his speaking.  He is always a transparent writer, and will be the first one to step up and question or call-out FUD.


I’d also lilke to introduce you to two recent additions to the team…


Chris Wells has joined NetApp! Chris’ blog, vSamurai is well known by many as a great source of knowledge!

Chris has spent the past 7 years in japan, and is somewhat renowned for his experience in executing a massive DR recovery plan based on Vmware Site Recovery Manager during the Fukushima Nuclear Accident. The purpose of his blog is to share his perspective on happenings within the IT industry with respect to virtualization, cloud computing and enterprise storage systems. He occasionally will talk about new products and services but will also share theories on where the industry is headed.


Jon Benedict has joined the team! Jon’s blog, Captain KVM is live!

Jon is a reference architect who designs solutions around server & storage virtualization for customers, and has written several white papers around KVM and Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization. Captain KVM is Jon’s alter ego and focuses on the increasing market demand for all that is KVM and the development efforts of the oVirt project.


I guess you could say, the cloud & virtualization experts are ‘On a Roll’ and frankly, I wouldn’t want to work with any other set of contributors. Please join me in welcoming the new guys and congratulating the senior guys on expanding their support of our social media program. Each is committed to sharing the wealth of their experience and knowledge with you, so please consider following them. I can assure you, I do.



  1. Lol – At NetApp we approach storage a bit differently than ‘the Army guys’, thus I don’t think we see a need for an ‘Army’ as our platforms are designed around being unified regardless of hardware or protocol.

    When all else is equal, simplicity wins!

    As for the team, it’s comprised of some of the most talented people in the virtualization space; however, it sees that a number of team members really love the lab (or may be social-media-shy). We are augmenting this group with a band of talented individuals who are passionate about sharing via social media.

    It’s about balance! 🙂

    Thanks Duncan.

  2. One only builds and deploys an army as means to protect what one is attempting to secure from an incumbent force. Duncan my friend, we are creating an organization that will start an evolution on the back of a revolution. Time to change the game boys and it start with a laser focus.

    Game on!

  3. In doing a bit of blog housekeeping I realize that everyone on this list now works elsewhere. I’m at Pure Storage, Scott’s at HP, Nick’s at NetApp, Chris’ CoHo Data and Jon Red Hat. This was a great team – one which I enjoyed leading and keep in touch with today.

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