Got an iPhone? Got VMware? Heard of VManage?



    Taking a break from the serious posts and stumbling thru the web when low and behold I learn of VManage, which is as far as I know, the first VMware management tool for the iPhone.

    I’m sure from the blog posts its easy to tell I’m a bit of a VMware fan; however, my affection for my iPhone may not be as clear. Let’s just say I have a 3GS on preorder waiting to be picked up tomorrow at 8:00 AM EST.

    Let’s get back to VManage… according to their site, “Manage is an application developed to allow the IT administrator to view critical environment data about their virtual infrastructure as well as perform fundamental tasks such as VMotion’ing from anywhere at any time. Viewing basic performance data (more advanced data to come) is as easy as selecting a Virtual Machine or Host and examining the details. Simply add a Virtual Center server address, credentials and a VPN if necessary and that’s it.”


    I’m at the iTunes Store purchasing my copy…

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