VMware Communities Roundtable Presents a Multivendor iSCSI Podcast


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I am very pleased to share with you that on September 30th, you can join Andy Banta (VMware), Adam Carter (HP/Lefthand Networks), Eric Schott (Dell/EqualLogic), Chad Sakac (EMC), yours truly on the VMware Communities Roundtable Episode number 66 where we will be discussing our recent joint iSCSI blog post.

John Troyer has dubbed this episode ‘iSCSI Super Friends with EMC, NetApp, Dell, HP, & VMware’

As the roundtable is a truly live and interactive event where you can dial in and chat. I expect a very dynamic range of questions and discussions. The Podcast begins at 3:00 PM EDT and 12:00 noon PDT, so please join us if you have the time!

This event makes me chuckle… Many of you may not be aware that Chad and I have attempted to have this same panel discuss the future of storage as a break out session at previous VMworld conferences. I believe fears of an un-caged death match breaking out have doomed this session from materializing, so next week is you opportunity to participate in the next best thing. heck who knows, maybe this roundtable will go so well Vmware will reconsider hosting a similar event at VMworld 2010.

Let us know if you plan on attending by tweeting!

See you next week!

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