On Non-Disruptive Transformation


    Today’s post is a short one as my lovely bride is looking to strangle me for writing while we are on vacation… I wanted to share with you the post ‘Get on to My Cloud‘ from Kent Christensen, the Virtualization Practice Manager at Datalink.

    I meet with customers almost daily. Often they are seeking prescriptive guidance around how they can best adopt “the cloud” in an impactful manner that does not significantly disrupting their current operational processes. In short, most want a non-disruptive transformation. I know that’s an oxymoron, but it’s reality; I’m having this conversation with customers everywhere and in every industry.

    Partners like Datalink are key in providing the expertise and guidance for such a transformation. They have visibility into a very broad set of trends and the experience to best implement a solution specific to your company’s size, industry, and needs. They are the ‘trusted cloud advisor’ that you can rely on to provide the solutions that best fit your needs for today and the future.

    In his post, Kent discusses trends and challenges he sees with the adoption of cloud computing and how Datalink helps customers make a non-disruptive transformation.

    Looks like my time is up, so until next time cheers!

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