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A year ago Mike Slisinger and I wanted to expand upon the impact and influence server virtualization and cloud computing were having on storage and it’s support of the evolution from silo models to dynamic, flexible hosting environments. For these reasons we authored, ‘Virtualization Changes Everything: Storage Strategies for VMware vSphere & Cloud Computing

Storage is a dynamic, evolving aspect of virtualization and cloud computing technology – an aspect that is all-too-often overlooked: but without storage, there is no data, and without data, there is no cloud.

Virtualization Changes Everything will inform and advise the cloud architects and decision makers who will design the shared storage infrastructures that can meet today’s business needs, and will scale to meet the challenges of tomorrow. The book describes common business goals and challenges, and addresses each through the application of advanced storage technologies as a part of a software-driven datacenter.

The examples within the book are pulled from real-world experience, and often involve the integration of multiple innovative technologies. If you are looking for measured guidance on High Availability, Efficiency, Integration and Performance for your cloud, then this book is for you.

I am proud to announce NetApp is graciously providing a limited number of signed, preview editions for free to attendees of Cisco Live 2012! If you are interested in a copy simply need to join one of the book signings hosted in the NetApp booth on Monday from 6:00-7:00 or Wednesday from 5:00-6:00. Supplies are limited and subject to availability.


Chapter List:

Introduction by Steve Herrod, CTO of VMware
Foreword by Duncan Epping, Principal Architect at VMware
About the Authors
Chapter 1: Storage Matters
Chapter 2: The Effect of Virtualization on Storage
Chapter 3: Storage Protocol Choices: SAN or NAS?
Chapter 4: SAN Shared Storage Pools
Chapter 5: NAS Shared Storage Pools
Chapter 6: Guest Connected Storage
Chapter 7: Storage Savings Technologies
Chapter 8: Storage Performance
Chapter 9: Virtual Storage Arrays
Chapter 10: Virtual Storage Profiles
Chapter 11: Storage Integrations
Chapter 12: RAID Data Protection
Chapter 13: Backup & Disaster Recovery
Chapter 14: Enabling Data Center Mobility
Chapter 15: Putting It All Together: Performance, Savings and Availability
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