VMworld 2012: BCO2982 Stretched Clusters and VMware SRM


Community session

This session was second of the two ‘community’ sessions I presented with Chad. The topic of this session is “Stretched Clusters and VMware SRM – when, why, where”. In many regards the technologies that comprise these offerings can be viewed as the “new protocol battle”. There are a number of technical considerations one needs to make before deciding on a technology or the use of many and we speak to the details in this session.


This topic is covered with a number of considerations in Chapter 12, ‘Datacenter Mobility and Enhanced Availability‘ in my new book, ‘Virtualization Changes Everything: Storage Strategies for VMware vSphere & Cloud Computing

Like STO2980, Chad and I try to focus on key elements and settings that are universal while noting areas of important variation.
As soon as the slidedeck is available for distribution I will post it. As always, I am always looking for input for next year, so if you have a suggestion please share!

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