XtremIO Upgrade Kit: Pure offers free swing gear for destructive EMC upgrades


Pure Storage wants to help EMC customers complete their upgrade to XIOS 3.0 by providing free loaner Pure Storage FlashArray as a part of the XtremIO Upgrade Survival Kit. We think if you’re forced to migrate data – why not try Pure in the process? Keep your applications running and your end users happy while comparing performance, data reduction and our ‘always-on’ architecture.


Why wait? Register for your XtremIO Upgrade Survival Kit today!

If you’re unfamiliar with the data evocation and restoration process required with XtremIO hardware expansion and various software updates you may want to read some of the news coverage and industry perspectives…





      • Your upgrade to Pure Flash to a new model is disruptive. Pure can’t scale. EMC chose to provide that forklift upgrade in a software solution rather than forcing customer to buy a new product or new release of an all flash array. Understand the architecture and look at the leader in the industry (in only a few months time) before making a Pure! mistake.

        You don’t have to upgrade if you don’t want to take advantage of the new compression features. Why would you not want to do this? EMC will provide the services and equipment to not leave you without a device. Is Pure making phones now? Could be a new venture…. understand the architecture before you release your first version.

  1. wow u broke all the rules dude – you went straight personal right off the bat with zero facts at all. how does this add to the conversation? i guess haters gonna hate.

    this is a brilliant campaign. xtremeio is impressive but a destructive firmware upgrade is surprisingly bad. tsk tsk, emc.

    • Micah,

      Thanks for the feedback and compliments on the campaign. The facts are abundant; I provided a list in this post and wrote about the gory details here:


      There are times where vendor marketing messages get ahead of product release cycles. This happens to every vendor and its unfortunately when it occurs. With that said, this is clearly not the case with XtremIO. EMC marketing has promoted numerous product capabilities that simply don’t exist and worse off, leave customers with multiple, costly data migration scenarios. This is unacceptable and Pure is looking to help these customers with an unfortunate situation.

      The inability to scale cluster HW or upgrade array software non-disruptively, makes XtremIO looks more like JBOF (just a bunch of flash) than a next-generation all-flash array.

      Am I missing something here?

      – cheers,

  2. High end revenue down 22% at EMC. Merger talks with rivals. Caught in a web of lies to customers. Having to forgive millions in maintenance run rate to persuade customers to buy a deficient product just to keep Pure out. #unsustainable

    2014 just hasn’t been kind to the folks in Hopkinton.

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