Pure Storage at VMworld 2016 #PaintItOrange


Just a quick post to share all Pure Storage has going on next week at VMworld 2016.

To begin, we’ve got a great two-story booth (#923) located at the front of the partner pavilion. We’re just to the left of the diamond sponsors and flanked by some great partners including Arista, Cohesity, Broacade and Rubrick.

The booth will be staffed by our vExperts and a slew of FlashArray, FlashBlade and FlashStack product managers and engineers. We’ve got a ton of demos that include VVols, vRealize Automation, our new plug-in for the vCenter Web Client, vRealize Orchestrator, SRM and much, much more.

For those interested in a bit more than just the technology we’ll be presenting a number of topics in our mini theater including topics like the Economics of Evergreen Storage & More’s Law, Hyperconverging Your IT Staff, and many more.

The Pure Virtualization Experts will be everywhere painting VMworld orange! You can catch us at the following 1:1 briefings, breakout sessions and community events…

1:1 Executive and Technical Briefings

Want to spend 30 or 60 minutes with members of the Pure Storage executive team or a virtualization expert, well here’s you chance. We’ve added additional slots to our 1:1 briefing schedule. Sign up now before they’re all gone!

8th Annual v0dgeball Charity Dodgeball Tournament

Come join us on Sunday, from 3:00 to 6:00pm at the Sport Center of Las Vegas, where team Pure will attempt to defend our 2015 title against the who’s who of virtualization focused vendors. Come early to network and meet the industry experts – then stay for the mayhem. Warning: it’s very competitive.

Underground Opening Acts Technical Sessions
Sunday, August 28 11:00am to 3:00pm at the Liberty Loft, located in the New York Hotel & Casino.
(Note the party portion runs from 7:00 to 11:00pm)

VMware HCI SDS Party
Tuesday, August 30 beginning at 8:30pm in the LAX Nightclub, located in the Luxor Hotel & Casino

(Note: All of the Pure Storage tickets have been distributed but maybe you can grab one from VMware or another one of the event sponsors)

VMworld 2016 Breakout Sessions:

Implementing Self-Service Storage Provisioning with vRealize Automation Xaas (SDDC9456-SPO)
Speakers: Cody Hosterman and Chris Binger of DWR
Date/Location/Time: Wednesday, August 31 – 2:00 to 3:00pm – Islander H

VMware vCenter is no longer meant to be the end-user interface for requesting and managing virtual machines and related resources. Storage is no exception. vRealize Automation Anything-as-a-Service (XaaS) provides the ability to easily import vRealize Orchestrator workflows to control, manage and provision storage via the self-service catalog offering in vRealize Automation. This session will include walkthroughs to implement this type of provisioning and examples of some of the various ways XaaS can be leveraged to manage and provision storage.

Best Practices for All-Flash Data Reduction Arrays with VMware vSphere (INF9455-SPO)

Speakers: Cody Hosterman and Vaughn Stewart
Date/Location/Time: Monday, August 29 – 2:30 to 3:30pm – Islander B
As All-Flash Data Reduction arrays are becoming common place in VMware environments due to their performance, flexibility and ease-of-use, it is important to understand how to best implement and manage them with ESXi. Data-reduction and flash changes how an administrator should think about various configuration options within VMware and those will be discussed in detail. VAAI, Space Reclamation, virtual disks, SIOC, SDRS, Queue depths, Multipathing and other points will be highlighted.

Business Analytics for Internet of Things on Virtualized SAP HANA in a Flash (VIRT8182)
Speakers: Krishna Satyavarapu and Mohan Potheri of VMware
Date/Time/Location: Wednesday, August 31 – 4:00 to 5:00pm – South Pacific I
The Internet of Things (IOT) is growing exponentially and has now matured to the point that it is getting a lot of attention with many solutions in this space. SAP HANA offers great promise for storing and processing data from IOT applications. In this session, we look at how virtualization of SAP HANA on All Flash storage can leverage dynamic tiring for storing and processing IOT data. We also look at some examples of business analytics with SAP Lumira to visualize and analyze IOT data. The speakers will discuss:

  • Requirements and profile of Internet of Things applications
  • Processing and storing IOT data in SAP HANA
  • Lessons learned from deploying and running SAP HANA on VMware
  • Leverage VMware capabilities for hosting and processing IOT applications
  • SAP Dynamic Tiering capabilities combined with All Flash storage to optimize memory footprint of IOT databases
  • Business analytics for IOT data

Automating Operations for Mission-Critical Applications in a Flash! (VIRT8198)

Speakers: Ravi Venkat and Mohan Potheri of VMware
Date/Time/Location: Monday, August 29 – 2:00 to 3:00pm – South Pacific F
Providing for and maintaining multiple copies of a large production database across different platforms have always been a challenge. Traditionally this has been done using backup and recovery or copying snapshots of the database to refresh the different copies of the database. This session looks at how VMware vRealize automation combined with All Flash Storage can revolutionize database operations and business intelligence applications. Maintaining high performance, efficient environments for mission-critical applications can be a huge challenge for IT departments. Balancing high availability for production operations with agility for application development efforts can be extremely tricky. Developers need fast access to the latest application configurations and data to ensure that new apps/services are delivered to specification. IT departments have to find a way to maintain business SLAs, while supporting innovation through developer agility. In this session, we will explore an architectural model, with vRealize Automation and All Flash Storage, that allows IT departments to support production application SLAs, while at the same time driving higher levels of developer agility to drive innovation. The speakers will discuss:

  • Challenges with day-to-day operations for enterprise applications
  • Some unique characteristics of vRealize Automation and Pure Storage FlashArray that can help with application operations
  • Real examples with Oracle DB, EBS, OBIEE and SAP HANA

I can’t express how excited I am for the conference, we’ve got a fantastic payload of technology to share. I hope to see you there! #PaintItOrange

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