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This week I shared my thoughts with SiliconANGLE on the emerging Software-Defined Storage trend. Below is an excerpt:

“Hardware Independence is in our DNA” : NetApp Defines its Software-Led Storage Play

There’s a Renaissance going on in IT storage right now, transforming an old, clunky system into something that’s not only more agile, but smarter, too. Software is leading the charge, making new and existing hardware systems more efficient. At the heart of this revolution is a bubbling rivalry over who will lead the emerging market of software-led storage (or software-defined storage), as newcomers disrupt a legacy market and traditional vendors shift their strategies to appeal to a service-based model.

NetApp is among those leading the charge in software-led storage, putting its faith in clustered storage technology with its ONTAP solution. It’s an initiative NetApp’s been building out for a few years in anticipation of an evolving datacenter, though rivals have been working behind the scenes as well. This week brought news of EMC’s own software-led storage solutions, announcing the launch of ViPR at its annual EMC World event this week.

We already heard NetApp’s initial reaction to ViPR in a statement yesterday, and the following Q&A offers a deeper look into NetApp’s portfolio and strategy around software-led storage.

What is software-defined storage (SDS), and what value can it bring to the enterprise market?

The current business environment requires CIOs to transform their roles from “guardians of the data center” to “brokers of services…”

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